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captioned by closed captioning services inc. tonight on "world news," the fire fears as we head into this holiday. the new warnings tonight, many cities forced to cancel fireworks. tinder conditions ripe for fires. the phone call under skroutny. as the case of the french moneyman accused of a sexual attack crumbles. caught on camera. the american who found himself in the middle of a deadly hotel attack. capturing it all. the cold case cracked wide-open. the little girl who vanished, captured the attention of president eisenhower. tonight, the arrest sending shock waves from chicaca to seattle. and 50 years after grace kelly walked down the aisle, a
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new princess. and what we learned, tonight, about the dress. good evening. it is great to have you with us, on this saturday. we begin tonight, here, with the dangerous heat building across the country this holiday weekend. temperatures and conditions so severe, fireworks, now, in many cities have been canceled. simplylyoo dangerous, with the landscape bone-dry. look at the map tonight. all of that in red, 3 dozen states, with temperatures in the 90s or surpassing 100. with so many wildfires already, authorities from florida to arizona are banning fireworks. this evening, new mexico's governor says the patriotic thing to do this july 4th, if you're home in her state, is to celebrate the fourth fireworks-free. david kerley starts us off this evening. good evening. >> reporter: good evening. it was 95 degrees here in washington, d.c. today. it's only going to get hotter. here's a sobering statistic. more fires are started on the fourth of july, than any other
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day of the year. that's why a lot of our fellow citizens will not have a full-fledged fourth of july. the party has already started in the nation's capital. as crews across the country carefully place pyrotechnics to celebrate the country's birth. but there will be no bombs bursting in air for many americans. including new mexico, where they are gaining the upper hand on that fire around the los alamos nuclear lab. >> we'e' attempt to burn out. hold the line. >> reporter: the governor is pleading with residents. >> please, do not purchase. do not sell and do not use fireworks. >> reporter: hot, tinder-dry conditions have led to a ban on fireworks for big shows, in places like arizona, alabama, florida and texas, where nearly every county has said no to fireworks. >> i love fireworks. so, it's kind of like -- i don't know. it ruined my july 4th. >> reporter: no fireworks in austin.
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so, the big, similar phonic concert has been canceled. >> it's disappointing for people here. >> reporter: disappointing for the people who make and sell fireworks. >> this has to be one of the most devastating for the country. and also for the firework city as a whole. >> reporter: amarillo, texas, has come up with a solution for no fireworks. it's contracted for a laser show. but the show will go on in washington. more than 500,000 people gathering for 1 of the biggest spectacles in the country. all kicked off with a parade, that's been organized for the last 17 years by pat wilberton. what do you take away? every year you put this parade together, what does it mean to you? >> every year, we sing "god bless america," and i get chills. and the little children wave their flags. it's america. >> reporter: this is one of the biggest shows in the cup. they're loading up 800 shells, they get ready to celebrate the country's birth. >> david kerley starting us off.
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thanks so much. and the searing heat across more than half of the country is on the move tonight. let's turn to accuweather meteorologist, brett anderson, ho is in the weather station tonight. good to see you. and we look at the conditions over your shoulder. you say combine that with humidity and we'll have dangerous conditions? >> yeah. anywhere from 105 to 110 degrgrs. from oklahoma through parts of alabama on the day on sunday. very dangerous conditions for anyone who has to be outside for a prolong period of time. >> you were telling me, with the temperatures, you're expecting some powerful storms heading into the holiday. >> especially the heavy rainfall. anywhere from the washington, d.c. area, down through charlotte. and then, westward into parts of the st. louis area. these storms are going to be producing blinding rainfall for many travelers during the holiday. >> all right. we'll be watching. brett, thank you. and the developing story we're following tonight, an oil spill in montana. an exxon mobil pipeline ruptured near billings, sending crude oil into the yellowstone river and prompting evacuations along its
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shores. the company says they stopped the leak within a half-hour. but it's unclear how much oil has spilled. we did take note that gas prices this holiday are headed downward. a gallon of unleaded regular gas, costs $3.56. that's down 25 cents since memorial day. good news. but the average price of a gallon is still 81 cents higher than just a year ago. now, to the unraveling case against that french moneyman, dominique strauss-kahn, accused of sexually attacking a hotel maid here in new york. tonight, we're learning more about his accuser and a phone call where she allegedly ske of strauss-kahn's wealth. and she said, quote, i know what i'm doing. rob nelson is following the story. >> reporter: good evening, david. dominique strauss-kahn enjoying his first full day of relative freedom. but the accuser, under a harsh spotlight. her case, now, on the brink of
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collapse. strauss-kahn and his wife left their townhome again today. in just 24 hours, the former financier going from vilified to nearly vindicated. today, more damning evidence. prosecutors say they have the recording of a phone call the woman made to her boyfriend, who was being held in an immigration jail in arizona. she reportedly tells him, don't worry. this guy has a lot of money. i know what i'm doing. >> i think you can understand why we believed from the beginning that this case was not what it appeared to be. >> reporter: the accuser's case began collapsing after prosecutors themselves released a three-page letter, outlining her lies and inconsistencies. >> you can lie on your asylum application. you can lie in your tax forms. but when you lie to the d.a.s, and potentially mislead a grand jury, prosecutor's office is going to say, there's no way we can move forward. >> reporter: there were questions about her finances. the associated press reports that authorities found several
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bank accounts around the country in her name, holding thousands of dollars. according to "the new york times," she first told investigators the hotel was her only income. the housekeeper's lawyer says she made mistakes. but that does not mean she was not raped. >> her credibility is important. any rape victim's credibility is important. but you cannot become blind to the corroborating evidence. >> reporter: now, we did get word that the d.a. did return to this new york apartment. he's paying $50,000 a month to live here. he is back after leaving this afternoon. he will be back in court on july 18th. david? >> rob nelson, thank you. in france tonight, they're following this. after all, strauss-kahn was considered a front-runner for president of france. here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: from prison to the presidential palace. yes, says one of france's most important politicians. dominique strauss-kahn must come home and run for president in 2012. >> for me, he could be a good candidate. >> reporter: before he was
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dragged off that plane and put in handcuffs, accused of rape, the former head of the imf was considered to be the leading candidate to be the next president of france. jack lang, a former french ministerersays now that the rape case has collapsed, strauss-kahn will come back even stronger. >> the people here will have for him greater admiration than before because he has shown during this period, great qualities of courage, dignity. >> reporter: the french public were always skeptical of the charges. newspapers and television stations are now trumpeting strauss-kahn's reversal of fortune. "phase two" says this headline. in france, strauss-kahn has a reputation for being a ladies' man. a great seducer. but for the french, that can be a badge of honor. lama hasan, abc news, london.
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>> the view from france tonight. now, to afghanistan. we're getting an exclusive look inside that deadly attack, by terrorists at a luxury hotel in kabul. an american who was there, having dinner with his family when it all unfolded, had his camera in hand. and tonight, he shows abc's nick schifrin, what he captured. >> reporter: it started as a serene tuesday night in kabul. ali omar, that's him there, filmed his family joking around. they sat outside the intercontinental hotel. >> by the poolside, having dinner. >> reporter: then, the shots started. first, in the distance. then, a little closer. and then, just as that police officer there, is walking away. >> they killed him. up close. after they hit him, they turned around, just started spraying. >> reporter: ali runs through the dark. still filming. >> i said my prayers. if i die, i die. i'm watching the guy. he's just shooting in the crowd. i'm staring at him.
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if i can see him, he can see me. i ran and jumped the wall. there were about 16 of us on the other sid. >> reporter: they waited there. that's his father. that's his cousin. nobody helped them. >> the cops that were there, they weren't helping nobody. they got machine guns in their hand. my cousin asks one of them, does your gun have bullets? yes. go up and shoot them. the guy was like, no. >> reporter: do you consider yourself lucky? >> yeah. most people don't make it out of something like that. >> reporter: ali will soon return home to california where he was born. but he will come back to his parents' homeland. and he will say, i was there that night. and i survived. nick schifrin, abc news, kabul. and in syria this evening, 24 people are now confirmed dead, after clashes between police and protesters. the violence erupted during demonstrations against syria's president. 300,000 rallied in 1 city alone.
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and there e s a much different image that came in from oveveeas today. more than 50 years after the world watched grace kelly walk down the aisle, today, her son, prince albert, married. and monaco, tonight, as a new princess. former swimmer, charlene whitstock, wearing an armani dress. seamstresses spending more than 24 hours on it. 152 yards of different silk. prince albert, waiting at the altar. it was the first wedding for a ruling prince of monaco, since his father married hollywood actress, grace kelly, in 1956. more than 50 years later, this wedding was star-studded, too. more than 3,000 guests. former james bond, roger moore. french president sarkozy. supermodel, naomi campbell. and princesses caroline and stephanie, looking on, too. andrea bocelli performing. ♪
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the prince, in a white military suit, placing the ring on his bride's finger. it was long thought that prince albert would be a bachelor prince. this week, reports that his bride wanted out. the palace calling it an ugly rumor. tonight, monaco has its new princess. one kiss. not two this time. one other royal headline this evening. this one north of the border. prince william and his wife, kate, are in canada tonight. their first official trip abroad. william is the future king. but bob woodruff tells us, there's no question that kate is stealing the show. he's in quebec city tonight. bob? >> reporter: good evening, david. that's very true. we're seeing a huge, huge turnout of people at these events so far. not only a fascination with the duke and duchess of cambridge as a couple. there seems to be greater infatuation with william's wife, kate. last night. >> in in the center of ottawa, we joined them with 300,000 people to see the fireworks and take in the sights of canada day.
5:43 pm
very much like the fourth of july. this morning, , te's first tree planting. a tradition on royal trips. then, to the war memorial, to honor canadian troops who served in the wars. while william has focused largely y the military, kate has become a star. the main draw. she's changed outfits as many as three times a day. always with a comfortable smile. this has taken much of the pressure off her husband, the prince. >> people forget, william is a shy guy. he does not like being the focus of attention. and of course, with kate by his side, he's not the focus of attention. he's part of a double act. and primarily, people want to see this new princess. this new person that's burst on to the limelight. >> reporter: will and kate are in montreal. tonight, they will get aboard a canadian ship, spending the night on the st. lawrence seaway, heading here toward quebec city. and as you can see, it is just a beautiful place. david? >> thank you, bob. great to see you. still ahead here, as we continue on "world news tonight," the casey anthony
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case goes to the jury this weekend. why so much, pinned on whose side the grandmother is on. the cold case that captured president eisenhower's attention. 54 years later, the stunning development. i why it's back in the news tonight. and if you really want the perfect burger on the fourth, the chef that will make the case that you need to start cooking it right now. ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ whistle ] ♪ [ cat meows ] ♪ [ ting! ] [ male announcer ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage or visit imagine a aay when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night.
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[ male announcer ] ask your doctor if cialis for daily use is right for you. for a 30-tablet free trial offer, go to i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. the jury in the casey anthony murder trial could begin deliberations as soon as tomorrow. all along, the case has focused on the dynamics of casey anthony's family. and if there was ever any question on who her mother's testimony would help, the final day made it clear.
5:47 pm
yunji de nies is in orlando. >> reporter: from day one, osecutors said that little caylee was killed in cold blood. >> no one but casey anthony had access to all of the pieces. >> reporter: a premeditated murder, that they argue was for neck breaking and chloroform, the chemical they said was used to drug the toddler. but casey's mother, cindy, told jurors she was the one that made those searches. >> i started to look up chlorophylyl and that prompted me to look up chloroform. >> reporter: in their final rebuttal, prosecutors tore that testimony apart. >> did you find any references to chlorophyll? >> no, ma'amam >> reporter: and how about the explanation to the neck-breaking search? >> there was a pop-up showing a youtube regarding a skateboarder. and i recall it saying a
5:48 pm
neck-breaking feat. >> reporter: again, the expert said, not possible. >> this is not the result of a pop-up. but is the result of a human being specifically entering neck and breaking, into the google search box and pressing search. >> reporter: whether jurors convict casey anthony of first-degree murder may all come down to one question. >> if these jurors believe that casey anthony was the one doing searches on her computer, that could be the premedication that ththprosecution needs. >> reporter: closing arguments get under way tomorrow morning. each side is expected to take about half the day. then, it will be up to the seven women and five men who make up that jury. david? >> yunji de nies tonight. thank you. when we come back here, the case of another little girl that riveted the nation. even the eisenhower white house. there's been a huge break. ay in.
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5:52 pm
seattle. arresting a 71-year-old man. maria riddle was just 7 years old, that cold, december night, 1957. she and a friend were playing outside when a young man came by and asked them to play. maria then vanished. her disappearance shocked an entire nation. president eisenhower, following the case. fbi director, j. edgar hoover, asked for daily updatete 4 months latat, maria's body was found in the woods 100 miles away. through the years, the case has been revisited. "the l.a. times" website, printing this missing child poster. the alibi of a main suspect crumbled. he long said he was on the train that day. but 50 years later, that train ticket found unpunched. unused. the suspect, now under arrest. >> the case wide-open all these years later. and we do have proof tonight of a rare and elusive animal. wildlife officials confirm that these photos show a grizzly bear in washington state. the first time one has been seen
5:53 pm
there in half a century. a hiker shot the photo with his cell phone. officials say they believe there might be about 20 of the grizzlies left in the north cascades. when we come back here tonight, do you want the perfect burger on the fourth? the chef who says you have to start cooking it right now. zantac. it's strong, fast lasting relief. so let them turn up the heat. you can stop that heartburn cold: (sssssssss!!!) zantac.. you can stop that heartburn cold: (sssssssss!!!) host: could switching to geico reon car insururce? or more host: is the pen mightier than the sword? ninja 2: ow vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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well, for so many of us, this holiday weekend, cooking means slapping some hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. but outside of seattle, a chef is revolutionizing the art of cooking, using liquid nitrogen and centrifuges. but as neal karlinsky found out, the results are pretty delicious. >> reporter: don't call this a kitchen. this 27,000 square-foot warehouse near seattle has been converted into an idea lab for food. it's the brainchild of nathan myhrvold, a billionaire scientist-turned chef. who makes his art with chemistry, and spices it with a passion for food. >> cooking relies on science. but cooking is itself an art.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: every bit of food imaginable has been deconstructed to get to the essence of its taste. and then, rebuilt, using the core principles of science. the result, "modernist cuisine." not just a cookbook. but a $625 water-proof bible of food. a collection sold out of its first printing, despite its enormous size and cost. >> we had a goal to show people a vision of food they hadn't seen before. >> reporter: take this simple bon-bon. not t simple here. bananas are turned into juice, which is frozen in liquid nitrogen, before being browned in hot syrup. trust me. there is nothing complicated about the result. oh, wow. >> this is about 20 to 25 pounds of peas. >> reporter: this chef spun peas in a jar at speeds that hold more gs than an astronaut on
5:58 pm
liftoff. are they making pea butter anywhere else on the planet? >> not yet. >> reporter: even the classic omelet gets a makeover. >> this is a thick paste of mushroom and egg. we're going to spread it on the nonstick pan. in one, nice, smooth motion -- >> reporter: includes scrambled eggs, shot out of a can like whipped cream. i have to say, nothing you're doing right now looks like an omelet. >> it's a nontraditional omelet. there we go. >> reporter: that's like no omelet i've ever had. he's reinvented the burger, too. only problem is, it takes 30 hours to make 1. neal karlinsky, abc news, bellevue, washington. >> 30 hours. i don't think i could wait that long. that is the broadcast for this saturday night. we're always online at abc and don't for get, "good morning america," first thing tomorrow morning. i hope to see you back here tomorrow night.
5:59 pm
a tower hour standoff at sea has ended and the captain of a wrote -- boat has been arrested. >> john: following the arrest of the captain there are now called for the united states to get involved. lisa amin gulezian is live with the latest. >> lisa: activists are calling the greek and u.s. consulate, trying to get support. passengers on the audacity of hope thought they would be in gaza by now. but they're still in greece. >> the audacity of hope has set sail. >> this is late yesterday. the audacity of hope is a u.s. led boat on

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